According to the Russian Defense Ministry, four aircraft are flying patrols on a pre-determined route from the Sea of ​​Japan and the East China Sea with the help of fighter planes.

At the same time, South Korea says that when Russian aircraft intercepted its airspace, its fighters warned against firing.

Japan protested to both South Korea and Russia after the incident.

This incident took place on disputed Dokdo / Takesima Island. This island is now the management of South Korea but Japan claims it too.

In recent years, Russian bombers, Chinese aircraft and spy planes have made flights in this area, but this is the first such incident between Russia and China.

What does Russia say

According to the Ministry of Defense, two TU-95 MS aircraft with strategic missiles flew over a neutral water area on a pre-determined route with two Chinese Hong-6 rocket launchers.

There was also a fighter jet and an editorial plane with these suicide bombers.

“At one point, these patrols have become a group of several planes flying a mile from each other in a line,” Lieutenant-General Sergei Kubilash said in a statement broadcast on television.

He said that during this 11th foreign fighter followed him.

They accused the South Korean pilots of fraud on the disputed island.

They also confirmed the launch of the South Korean aircraft agent.

The aircraft fleet is 25 kilometers from Dokda / Taxima Island, he said.

They also accused South Korean pilots of air strikes.

Will this alliance be blown up in the sleep of America

BBC correspondent Jonathan Markus believes that “Russia’s joint air patrols and China’s long-range bombers in the Asia-Pacific region give a strong signal of a strong military alliance between Russia and China.”

Although the two countries have yet to form the coalition formally, their common practice is larger and more sophisticated.

These two countries, some of which are in conflict, are approaching each other on the economic and military front. Their outlook is the same.

They are against Western liberal democracy. They are keen to promote their model of choice, they are highly protected by their national sovereignty and are often ready to take some risk compared to the other.

This is a major challenge to America’s strategy. If the relationship between Russia and China is going strong and with a strong voice, the US will become increasingly concerned.

In the next few years, China appears to be ahead of the United States on the economic and technological front.

What did South Korea say

The South Korean military said five aircraft intercepted its area around 9 am local time on Tuesday morning.

The F-15 and F-16 were immediately moved to stop. The army says that during the previous violation, 280 rounds of machine guns were fired.

South Korea lodged a protest against the Security Council and demanded action against the council.

“We took this position very seriously, and if we do that again, we will take strong action,” the statement from the South Korean president’s office said.

South Korea also registered a protest against China, while China says South Korea’s air defense identity area is not its airspace, so anyone can fly from here.

What should Japan do

The Japanese government has complained about both South Korea and Russia.

Because Japan believes in its islands on these islands. The Japanese government says Russia has violated its airspace.

Japan also said South Korea’s reaction was provocative.

What happens to the Air Defense Identity Area

The Air Defense Identification Area (ADIS), ie the air defense identification zone, is an airspace that is monitored by a country for the purpose of its national security. Foreign aircraft must declare their identity before being accepted into the air defense zone.

Three Russian and two Russian military aircraft have been brought into the Korean air defense zone (Cadiz) on Tuesday morning, the South Korean military said.

The aircraft included two Russian TU-95s, one A-50 surveillance aircraft and two H-6s from China.

In recent years, Russian and Chinese bombers and observers have rarely entered this area.

Before entering KADIZ, aircraft of other countries must identify themselves.

South Korea says one of the Russian planes flew before Kades and entered the country’s airspace at around 9 pm local time.

To prevent this, South Korea deployed its F-15 and F-16 aircraft.

The army says that during the alleged first violation, 10 times of lighting and 80 rounds of machine guns were warned.

After that, ten other warning signs of light from South Korea and the firing of 280 submachine gun, Russian planes returned without having to rotate again.

Russia reported two bombers in Bayon and refused to accept allegations that it had sent the A-50.