Hello friends! I am Anushka and today's measure is the most requested remedy about Black Heads and White Heads.

Before sharing this idea, friends will tell you the reason behind the White Heads and Black Heads so that it gets permanently reduced from our face, mostly in the area of ​​our nose and chin,


 Our skin surface is not flat and our skin has small pores, which are the U-shaped hole in this hole, dead skin cells, dirt and oil accumulate, they stop for some time. And some pores are closed, the upper layer becomes open, which becomes black

 If we do not concentrate on these, they become granular and become acne. In this measure, there are 3 easy ways to immerse the towel in hot water and squeeze it and now it is the skin, slip on your nose and chin, the pores are open and help to remove white and black head and take steam After we will turn the mask off. You can use any one

For the second solution, mix all the ingredients in a bowl, always use fresh masks. Do not store it. I will show you how to apply this mask, you will have to implement it with the help of finger immediately after applying it. The affected area is to apply a thick layer so that it is easy to remove the egg white, it helps to tighten holes for 10-15 minutes.

And we have to remove it only when it is completely dry from inside. Now remove the mask slowly as shown in it. Video turns active charcoal dirt and impurities. Aloe vera helps hydrate the skin. The pores need to be stopped as I said that the first dirt is stored in the pores. By doing this step we will do ice taping to stop these holes,

 Take ice cubes and put it inside the clean cotton cloth and apply it to the affected area as shown in the video.