How To Make A Beauty Parlor Bridal Makeup - Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners | Beauty tipsji

You have also seen a lot of bridal kits and my blog, we have bought all these products but are confusing, how to use them and which are different, we can also create them,

 I can tell you how you can use these products to create a beautiful bridal look, the first product that should be in our kit and that is the face primer, it makes our skin so smooth that because of this we have foundations Our Foundation looks so smooth and innocent that I am using a foundation that lasts for a long time - standing on our skin and we apply it Use moist sponge for

How To Make A Beauty Parlor Bridal Makeup - Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners | Beauty tipsji

 Because damp sponge makes our foundation innocent and does not do that it looks patchy and natural on our skin. After foundation, we need to use a pigmented concilor which can hide a dark circle, mouth And the pigmentation around the eyes should be well-lived and with light weight

This does not mean that you have made so much makeup as you have seen in most of my blog that I now use the NARS Concealer. I am putting powder with the same badness so that our foundation and the consolele are blended properly. That makes this a perfect match because of this.

Your foundation remains throughout the day and cake does not look for the eyebrows. I am using it to do directly to the tip, not in the way of a sliding, the way my eyebrows are not so dramatic, because we are married There are so many make-ups for different celebrations, so that you can use this pallet for make-up revolution because it has 24 different eyeshadow sheds, in which very abstract The eyeshadow is shimmering, which we can apply on our eyelids,

You can also apply eyeshadow of different colors, such as matte finish eyeshadow also have dark and light shades which help you to make different eye makeup. I'm using VEGA's eyeliner brush as a pencil brush. That I am shading a black color towards the outer corner of the eyes, it is also a blot proof and water resistant. If you have become emotional in any moment or feel that your mascara is still not smooth or messy As I'm using this brush in the form of a pencil brush I am putting a purple eyeshadow here so that excess water or moisture can be removed so that our makeup remains long When we got confused when buying a liquid eyeliner, which water is best as proof and it is also easy if you want you to try its Washable version for contour,

So I'm using this pallet, it also has a blush so that you can leave the blush. There is no need to buy it, you can also use the palette for blush, but if you do not like to contour, you can use this blush, this patch does not appear, giving your cheeks a natural pink color It's blending with a beauty blender. Now I am using Highlighter. Now use the make-up fixer to seal your makeup properly. Nton to'm used to it everyday to your good line. The purpose but to make this waterproof I am using liquid lipstick, buy a couple of at least one false eyelashes that can completely change your look, we do not want to repeat the same laugh again.